Losing the love of writing

I can’t speak for published authors, but being a self published author can suck. Between editing, formatting, cover art, promoting and dropping the ball on the fucking synopsis… for me, all this takes away from my love of writing.

Granted, I pay and editor/formatter and cover artist but it’s not a cut and dry process. Publishing a book is a constant set of changes. ┬áThis doesn’t even include uploading the fucking things.

Plainly put, it’s fucking exhausting.

I don’t like a single part of the process.

I like to write. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less.

I do it for fun and after a while the fun vanishes and it becomes work.

I’m fortunate to have help, do not get it twisted. But writing is the easy part, it’s the rest of it that chips away at me. Many authors I admire have this down to a science. Sadly, science was a shit subject for me and I barely passed it in high school.

If you’re reading this, I feel I should be upfront about the decisions I’ve made going forward. I’m going to continue to write because I can’t not write. But I don’t plan to promote, upload my book(s) to goodreads months in advance or even branch out to other platforms like kobo or ibooks. Why? Because that’s work and we’ve already established I don’t like work.

I like writing.

And really, if you don’t like something don’t fucking do it yeah?

If you stick with me you’ll be rewarded with a lot of stories and some free books but that’s about it. I don’t want to lose the love of writing and because of that, I decided to lay low, drink and enjoy the process my way.

In early 2016 I’m releasing two sets initially: One will feature 6-8 stories (could be more, who knows… I’m winging it) the other will feature 4 stories and both will be about 50,000 each.

Seriously, that’s a lot of fucking books.

And it’s my goal to make certain not a single second of it feels like work.