Why I do’s what I do’s

Recently I received an email from an author (via social media) asking me why my books are only $.99… She went on (and on and on) about an authors time being worth more than $.99.

Actually, she also went on to say a lot of other shit but I tuned her rambling out. Because it started with a question and ended with a verbal beat down. While I agree an authors work IS worth more than $.99 the problem is this:

Until I establish myself as an author who can toss out $2.99 or $3.99 releases and have the masses go ape shit over them, to get noticedĀ I’m trying it this way. Is it worth the investment per story? Absolutely not.

I lose my ass.

But… I’m confident one day that won’t be the case.

But today, it is.

I don’t promote much. I don’t have unlimited hours to dedicate to promoting. I write because I like to write. I spend my own money and if I want to charge a buck, I’ll charge a fucking buck.

I don’t have a street team or pay people to do things for me. I have a day job. One that takes a lot of my time, one that pays da bills. When an author or anyone really, takes aim at my methods it pisses me off. You don’t agree with a book being a buck, then charge more for your shit.

If you could see me you’d see me clapping for you and your success!

If you can charge $3.99 and have the masses not bat an eyelash because you are known to be that good, then kudos. As for me, my following is small but loyal. For them and for any new readers that may come along, right now… my books are $.99

My advice to any author who feels this way is to step off your fucking soap box stacked high with your best sellers and take the time to show us novices the tricks of the trade. Do not berate me or my methods when you haven’t bothered to teach me otherwise.

Try being a sister, not a bitch.

Lend a hand, don’t slap me with it.

Unless you’re afraid of a little competition… Which in that case, bring your A game.

Until then, I offer you this finger.

for you

You can sit on it, spin on it or gag on it.

If you’re like me, you like choices.

I’m offering you three because I’m a god damn giver.

The moral of why I do’s what I do’s is this: ThereĀ is no such thing as trying to succeed WRONG. Trial and error is not a bad thing. Failure doesn’t suck, mean people do.

I do not begrudge you your success. Do not attempt to derail mine.

Love & Lap Dances,