Just say anal and watch what happens…

When someone asks me what my books are about two things happen. 1) I freeze up like I was caught with a prostitutes hands down my pants and 2) Ask how many hours they have to spend listening to me babble.

How do you explain to someone in a few sentences that your head works in mysteriously violent ways? Uh, you can’t. At least I don’t have that ability. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried and by the end of my spiel most folks are seeking the exit. While I’m not a violent person (normally) I have this affinity toward violence that I am certain one day will lead me to go Michael Douglas on someone’s ass.

Falling Down circa 1993
Falling Down circa 1993

Seriously. It’ll happen on a Tuesday because weird shit happens on Tuesdays. I’ll be in line at Starbucks, waiting patiently for my venti nonfat 5 shot caramel macchiato and some asshole will cut in front of me or comment on my hair. This will cause me to snap. I’ll reach for my 9mm and light everyone up minus my barista. I mean she gets me, she’s good people. But yeah, on a Tuesday I’ll lose my fucking mind and become a statistic.

How do you explain to someone that your stories, hell your entire thought process is based on your girlfriends and our adventures? Unless you’re one of  us, you won’t get it. You’ll just smile assuming I’m either crazy or full of shit. I won’t correct you or try to sway you either, because they’re my friends and I’m protective. But when it comes to friends, I hit the mother fucking lotto. We do crazy things, obscene things and we laugh, a lot. My books feature strong females and the one liners and troubles are all us. We go through life as a group. Venting, sharing, giving and taking. They have my back and I have theirs. They inspire me. Well… and go to strip clubs with me and really we should all take inspiration where we can find it.


How do you explain to someone that women are super resilient, smart, bad ass humans? While women like to be saved on occasion many times, we save ourselves. My characters have vulnerabilities but they are also fearless and brave. Of course, I exaggerate the violence (I mean duh) but I have a thing for alpha females. I like the idea that a woman would kick your ass to save her own. That she will go momma bear on that ass if you threaten what she loves. As a reader, I love all types of romance but I wanted to write the GI Jane’s and the Lara Cross’s. I wanted to create a fictional side of Detroit where women didn’t only stand up for themselves but for it’s citizens too. I wanted to write women who may look like a dream but could be your worst nightmare.

How do you explain to someone that it’s ‘over the top’ fiction? That my love for Detroit and it’s history is why all of my stories are based in one place. As a woman, there are times where I find myself the underdog in situations. Because I have great hair and wear makeup, I’m not on par with the boys. (You’d be wrong but whatev’s) Detroit is the underdog too. Outsiders have nothing valuable to say so they belittle a city they know nothing of. So I wanted to shed light on the things that are important to me.

The sisterhood

Female empowerment/

Unconventional love stories

and The D

I don’t write because I think I’m better at it than anyone else. I write because I have something to say. How do you tell someone any of this in a few short sentences? I have no fucking idea. But what I can tell you is that I do not care about writing a formula book. Don’t get me wrong, I could. I just don’t want to. I also do not give a figgity fuck about tenses or showing versus telling. I’m not big into conforming which is me nicely telling you it isn’t going to fucking happen. 


 Speaking of promotion, I suck at this too. Hell, I forgot I even owned this blog. How’s that for self promotion? So basically what I’m saying is the next time someone asks me what my books are about my answer will be: “Anal.”

Because that’ll either earn me a fan or put me on a prayer list. Well, as long as it’s not on a Tuesday at Starbucks.

So to you reading my babble, thanks for giving me a shot.